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Bug#200851: ITP: opengroupware.org -- Groupware server to integrate with office suite products and groupware clients


As already told, OGo dev team has made a deb packages of OpenGroupware suite. Anyway IMHO there is a need for a third party debian developer.


- current OGo debian binary packages produced by OGo team are not FHS compliant and they do not mean to make it so (at least not in the near future) - for their comments on this issue se bugs #147 and #188 in OGo Bugzilla. I described my point of view in #188.

- current preinst, postinst ... debian package scripts might be much more improved so no howto will be necesary. I posted question to OGo mailing list and Helge Hess (OGo/Skyrix team leader) answered in the way - "its up to the distro makers to improve this part of packages".



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