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Bug#202174: RC bug removal for 2003-12-01

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Hi Colin,

it's certainly an ambitous goal to release on December, 1st. But I like the 
idea very much, and so I'll try to do my best in helping to sort out some 
obsolete packages with RC bugs. I sent this mail to you just because I once 
mailed a manpage to you, and you were quite nice and responsive... :-)

So maybe you'll want to add this info to your report due for Monday, 25th.

Package: db2
Testing: 2:
Unstable: 2:
Bugs: 202977 (RC), 169830, 111288, 139962, 150060, 151904, 157308, 183220, 
78049, 193400, 198543
Suggestion: remove-from-testing
The RC-bug is already about the removal of this package, since just one 
single program still depends on this old version of the library (see below). 
There are also newer version available (db3, db4.1).

Package: animals
Testing: 19991226-4.2
Unstable: 19991226-4.2
Bugs: 195404 (RC), 142364, 130194, 153037, 61825 (fixed in NMU), 84549 (fixed 
in NMU), 70080 (fixed in NMU), 70174 (fixed in NMU), 202174 (orphaned)
Suggestion: remove-from-testing
This program is the last one depending on libdb2++. It has a couple of bugs, 
some fixed in NMUs 3(!) years ago. Those fixes were never included; last 
official maintainer upload dated on 2000-02-27. It's more or less unneeded 
anyways (simple AI game) and was orphaned by DPL on 2003-07-20.

So, that's two RC-bugs of the (supposed) DD average of seven. Hell, and I 
haven't even applied for NM yet!

Cheers, and keep up the good work,

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