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Bug#87186: PVFS: ITP? 565 days

On Fri, Oct 04, 2002 at 05:47:58PM +1000, Matt Hope wrote:
> Hi Rob, 
> I notice that your ITP of PVFS has now been out for 565 days - have
> you made any progress with this at all ?

I'm not sure how familar with pvfs you are.  pvfs has a userspace
component, a library for talking to the userspace daemons, and a
kernel module so you can mount and do regular unix-y things to pvfs
file systems.

I've got preliminary packasges of all excdpt the kernel module stuff.

Oh, and i'm also not a debian developer yet :>

I suppose after nearly 2 years i should make it an RFP, not an ITP.  

Are you interested in packaging it?  i'll gladly send you what i've
done, though i'm sure there is room for improvement.


Rob Latham                                        Woodridge, IL USA             

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