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Bug#127229: ITP: curator - Generate HTML image gallery pages

Package: wnpp
Severity: wishlist

Package name : curator
Upstream Author: Martin Blais
URL: http://curator.sourceforge.net
License: GPL 

This blurb cut/pasted from the 'help' output:

  Curator is a powerful script that allows one to generate Web page image
  galleries with the intent of displaying photographic images on the Web,
  or for a CD-ROM presentation and archiving. It generates static Web
  pages only - no special configuration or running scripts are required on
  the server. The script supports many file formats, hierarchical
  directories, thumbnail generation and update, per-image description file
  with any attributes, and 'tracks' of images spanning multiple
  directories. The templates consist of HTML with embedded Python. Running
  this script only requires a recent Python interpreter (version 2 or more)
  and the ImageMagick tools.


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