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Bug#126901: ITP: dict-eng2ita -- freedict English to Italian dictionary

Package: wnpp
Severity: wishlist

This is a free dictionary from freedict project, usable from any dict
protocol compliant client.

It's my intention to package eng2ita ita2eng and probably fre2eng eng2fre.
If other languages are needed, let me know it, please.
I think it's better that only one person maintains this set of

Dictionaries are small files (except for some langs), probably it's
better make only one deb source from N single tarball. Upstream
currently don't do it. I will ask.

Proposed name for single source: dict-freedict
Single debs: dict-<iso639-2_lang>2<iso639-2_lang>

Lang Code Page: http://etext.lib.virginia.edu/tei/iso639.html
Project Home Page: www.freedict.de
More info: www.dict.org

Download: http://freedict.sourceforge.net/download/linux
License: GPL

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