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Bug#109220: Gftp Debian Package

Hi, Aurélien && Josip!

Aurélien Beaujean dijo:
> Sorry but i am still not a Debian developper. 

You don't have to be one to place an ITA (Intend To Adopt).
If you seriously intend to package and mantain newer versions of gftp,
please place one. 

> The way for becoming it is long :) but i hope that i will be at the
> beginning of January.

Josip is your sponsor, he will upload the packages you make to the
archive, while you become a Developer. Users are already placing
wishlist bugs for the new version to be packaged. I have taken a look,
and the package is really nice, there's really not much work to do.
Josip left it in great shape :-) 

> The last package i realised is here:
> http://abj.free.fr/gftp-2.0.9/

It would be nice if you made it apt-eable. Hint:
$ cd ¿/var/www/?
$ mkdir -p debian/gftp/
$ mv gftp-2.0.9/* debian/gftp/
$ cd debian/
$ touch overridefile
$ dpkg-scansources ./ overridefile ./ > Sources
$ dpkg-scanpackages ./ overridefile ./ > Packages
$ gzip -9 Sources
$ gzip -9 Packages

The sources.list entry to use would the look like this:

deb http://abj.free.fr/debian/ ./
deb-src http://abj.free.fr/debian ./

Test this setup and place a note, like a README file with the lines

Please also upgrade the package to the latest upstream version, I have
tested it and it is suitable for packaging. Check if it also fixes any
bugs, I haven't because I don't want to work on this a lot if you are
the one to keep it. Forward upstream the bugs it didn't fix. Send
patches :-)

[This will speed up your Task and Skills]

Once Josip uploads your new packages, get in touch with bug submitters,
ask them if bugs are fixed in the new version. Close the ones that are, 
work on the ones that aren't. Start getting the taste of what it means
to work in Debian. A great experience.

Please take this just as advice, I only intend to help. 
I hope I can soon say "Wellcome to Debian".

 .''`.      "No tengo el coño pa ruidos" -- David Amor, dear friend
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