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Bug#108367: Hi


I know you're a very interesting, intelligent and ambitious person.
You must be thinking: "who is she?..."

I also know that you like to have some fun (just like me), so let me suggest you something:
A place where you can play casino games like in Las Vegas, win real money instantly, right on your computer over the Internet.
Winnings are rushed to you by credit card or a check in US$ mailed worldwide by first class mail.
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I know a technique that can make you a millionare like me... you never loose!.
"Doubble bet" technique:
 - Make a 50% win probability bet.
 - For exemple $1 in the red colour (roulette).
 - If the ball hits the red numbers you win $1. If it's black you "loose", but not yet...
 - Dobble your first bet and make it $2 in the red again.
 - If it's red you just win $2 (remember you lost $1 in the first bet so... you win $1!).
 - If it's black you lost again ($1 in the first bet and $2 in the second bet).
 - Stay calm because it's under control... dobble your bet again.
 - Bet $4 in the red one more time.
 - If it's red you just win $4, remember you lost $3 so far so... you win $1!.
 - If you loose again for the third time dobble your bet again and again until you win.
 - You allways win $1... your first bet!

Conclusion: Make a minimum first bet and then dobble it again and again until you win...
You will allways win your first bet money!!!
Just remember that you need to have enough money to keep on dobbling...
It would be allmost impossible dobbling 6 or 7 times without winning don´t you think?

Download the casino below and start your own fortune!

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A Friend.

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