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Bug#125904: ITP: fungetty, a fun new getty for Linux framebuffers

Package: wnpp
Severity: wishlist

Do you prefer working in a console, but get tired of ignorant
people assuming that your computer is old just because it only
has text on the screen?  Do you have Linux set up to use
framebuffer text consoles?

If so, then maybe you should have a look at fungetty, a
replacement for the standard Linux getty that can display
full-color graphics above the login prompt.  I hacked this up
over the last week or so, and it seems to work pretty well.  It
can display many kinds of PNG files above the login prompt.
There are some bugs and limitations, but nothing unreasonable.

Download source tarball or Debian i386 binary package from
License is GPL.  Full documentation.  Should be easy to compile.

In a couple of hours I'm leaving for Las Vegas and won't be back
until Christmas Day, but I'll happily read your comments and
patches after that.

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 It is better to be seen at the opera with a man
 than at mass with a woman."
--De Maintenon

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