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Bug#124343: ITP: openmash -- streaming media toolkit

Package: wnpp
Severity: wishlist

MASH is a comprehensive toolkit for multimedia communication and 
collaboration over the Internet using IP multicast. Mash supports live media 
broadcasting, N-way conferencing, and session capture and replay.

It's an outgrowth of the Internet MBone tools developed to support streaming 
audio and video applications. Mash includes its own versions of MBone tools 
like sdr, vic, and vat.

License: Mmmm...

Mash is distributed under the BSD license or, more precisely, what GNU calls 
the modified BSD license. Mash is OSI Certified Open Source Software and is 
GNU GPL-compatible.

But can Mash be used in commercial products?
The vast majority of the source code used in Mash does not have any 
restrictions on commercial use. However, a few small portions (CellB, 
Netvideo, XML Parser) may not be used commercially without the prior 
permission of the copyright holders. You should either obtain the proper 
permissions or compile without these pieces of code. See the LICENSE file 
distributed with Mash for more information.

	LICENSE file above noted could be obtained in:


	I think that should be in non-free, until license issues are cleared.

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