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Bug#122929: wpoison, is it okay?

  I've been following the discussion, and it looks like wpoison, if
determined free, will have the dubious distinction of being the first
program in main (that I know of) with a clickwrap license that attempts
to control use.  (namely, it requires every user [0] to display the wpoison
logo and link to the wpoison web page from their site [1])

  Oddly enough, though, I can't find a clause in the DFSG excluding this
sort of license.  I'm somewhat surprised, actually; maybe it's just
because clickwrap licenses tend to be so onerous that they fail one of
the other points anyway.

  I'm not a lawyer, though, so I'll butt out now.  Maybe you should ask


  [0] and, apparently, every website which "makes reference to this
  software"; I guess I'm causing lists.debian.org to violate wpoison's
  license with this message?  That sounds like nonsense to me..

  [1] the intent seems to be something like the clauses that require
  credit to the original authors to be given in derivatives; is there
  any way you could twist a website using wpoison into being a
  derivative work?

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