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Bug#123456: ITP: eazel-engine -- Crux theme for GTK+

> * Package name    : eazel-engine
> This is the upstream (and source) package name, binary will most likely be
> gtk-theme-crux.

This actually is a real engine, not just a theme, so i'd prefer the name
gtk-engines-eazel or gtk-engines-crux

Theme packages can easily be created with a special package (sorry,
don't know the name right now, theme-converters or something like that)

The Engines do contain real binary code afaik; so it's useful to have
them as packages.
Ordinary Themes just use one of the default engines and modify options
and graphics, they can easily be installed by the users themselves;

So i do like the idea of doing "apt-get install gtk-engines-*" to
install all available gtk engines; so people actually can use any theme
they want and install it themselves by extracting a tgz file; so they
don't need to compile anything.

So i'd suggest using gtk-engines-* for any gtk theme containing real
binary libraries; maybe gtk-theme-* for config file based themes only.

Maybe i'm wrong and eazel-engine does not require compilation?


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