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Bug#123534: O: bing -- Empirical stochastic bandwidth tester

Package: wnpp
Severity: normal

The current maintainer of bing, Michael Shields
<shields@crosslink.net>, has orphaned this package.  If you want to be
the new maintainer, please take it -- retitle this bug from 'O:' to
'ITA:', fix the outstanding bugs and upload a new version with your
name in the Maintainer: field and a

   * New maintainer (Closes: #thisbug)

in the changelog so this bug is closed.

Some information about this package:

Package: bing
Priority: optional
Section: net
Installed-Size: 45
Maintainer: Michael Shields <shields@crosslink.net>
Architecture: i386
Version: 1.0.4-5.3.1
Depends: libc6 (>= 2.1)
Filename: dists/potato/main/binary-i386/net/bing_1.0.4-5.3.1.deb
Size: 21452
MD5sum: 216a6b138763578c8cc0cc6cab99c723
Description: Empirical stochastic bandwidth tester
 Bing is a point-to-point bandwidth measurement tool (hence the 'b'),
 based on ping.
 Bing determines the real (raw, as opposed to available or average)
 throughput on a link by measuring ICMP echo requests' roundtrip times
 for different packet sizes at each end of the link.


Date: Mon, 15 Oct 2001 11:33:05 +0200
To: Sam Hartman <hartmans@debian.org>
Cc: "Nikunj A. Dadhania" <nikunj@gmx.net>,
Subject: Re: Regarding bing's maintainer
Message-ID: <20011015113305.B12369@cibalia.gkvk.hr>
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In-Reply-To: <tslwv2ata6l.fsf@loggerhead.mekinok.com>; from hartmans@debian.org on Fri, Oct 05, 2001 at 10:48:18AM -0400
From: Josip Rodin <joy@cibalia.gkvk.hr>
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On Fri, Oct 05, 2001 at 10:48:18AM -0400, Sam Hartman wrote:
>     Nikunj> Hi, I have submitted a bug/patch for bing but no one is
>     Nikunj> responding. I mailed the maintainer for bing Michael
>     Nikunj> Shields <shields@crosslink.net>.
> Our databases certainly think he is still the maintainer.  It would be
> easiest if you would ask him to orphan the package in the BTS if he no
> longer wants to maintain it.  If he isn't able/is unwilling to do so,
> please send more mail here and we can see about fixing the problem.

IIRC Mike agreed to it being orphaned months ago... someone just has to
upload it with Debian QA Group <packages@qa.debian.org> in the Maintainer:

Martin Michlmayr

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