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Bug#121825: Glimpse status (not) in Debian GNU/Linux

Hello Golda,

I filed a bug (see http://bugs.debian.org/121825) requesting for
packaging to be redone for Glimpse in Debian.

It seems Glimpse was removed because of the lack of someone willing to
maintain it across all the platforms that compose the Debian
distribution now.  It would be wonderful if someone were to work with
you to get it in Debian.  I think there is alot of value in it.

I am unfortunately not a registered Debian developer.


-- Grant Bowman                                   <grantbow@svpal.org>

* Golda <gvelez@iwhome.com> [010928 15:21]:
>  At 02:00 AM 9/7/01 -0700, you wrote:
>     I can't find any information why glimpse was removed.  Is it a licensing
>     issue or something?
> Sorry for the long delay in response! 
> Probably it was a licensing issue - we have no objection to Glimpse being
> included, along with the COPYRIGHT file that explains use/licensing, but the
> Debian people probably excluded it because it is not open source. 
> Glimpse is free to use by nonprofits, edu and us government people, plus any
> open source developers, but is not free for commercial use.
> Let me know if you'd like me to contact any of the Debian people to explain
> this...
> --G

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Subject: Bug#121825: Glimpse removal
Date: Wed, 5 Dec 2001 23:08:47 +0100
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[Date: Sat, 25 Aug 2001 14:34:44 -0400] [ftpmaster: James Troup]
Removed the following packages from unstable:

   glimpse |      4.1-2 | source, alpha, arm, i386, m68k, powerpc, sparc
Closed bugs: 109355

------------------- Reason -------------------
ROQA; no FHS transition, maintainer MIA, 1.5 year old grave security bugs.

In short, it was buggy as hell.

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