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Bug#82484: Debian packaging of User-mode Linux

I'm still interested in maintaining official Debian packages for UML.  When
I asked you about this at Linux Kongress, you said that someone else had
already volunteered to do it, but I forget who it was.  I'd like to get in
contact with them to avoid duplication of effort, and do whatever is
necessary to get this package into the distribution.

The person who originally filed the ITP (bugs.debian.org/82484) was William
Lee Irwin III <wli@holomorphy.com>, who claimed to have a package done, but
seems to be MIA since January.  At least one other Debian developer, Ola
Lundqvist <opal@debian.org>, has expressed an interest in the package since

If anyone who has expressed interest before me still wants to maintain this
package, and will follow through with it in the near future, I will defer to
them.  Otherwise, I plan to start work on it very soon.  323 days is too
long to wait.

 - mdz

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