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Bug#90664: How's the foomatic package for Debian going?

>>>>> Jeff Licquia <licquia@debian.org> writes:

> I'm leaving Thursday on a vacation, and will be back a week from
> Friday.  I'll stick the latest foomatic tarball on the laptop and see
> if I get inspired by the beach sand.


It may be instructive to look at the RPM spec [ Till, please send him
your spec, it doesn't seem to be in CVS ].

The main headaches are these:

 - Dependencies on a million Perl modules.  I think these are mostly
   done and in unstable.

 - System dependencies defined in Defaults.pm.  Originally the default
   Defaults.pm was based on my potato system, but the defaults may be
   a tad Mandrakish these days...

 - The C helper program.  This just means that it's not a noarch as it
   used to be.

 - The /var bit.  Last I knew, the library cached computed data in a
   parallel cache tree next to the source data.  Since that stuff
   really belongs in /var, I think we made those locations symlinks
   into /var/foomatic/blah rather than adjusting the library to do the
   right thing.

 - No real version numbering or releases.  The bulk of foomatic is a
   set of constantly updated data files.  There are also external
   datasets that people can add to their installation (from
   gimp-print, omni, etc).  I think Manfred's package was using a
   timestamp or something.

Oh - you get 100 bonus points if you can make the various spoolers in
Debian automagically convert configurations when you switch spoolers.
Foomatic has all that logic now, thanks to Till...

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