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Bug#121425: ITP: gxxcompat - compatibility library for porting C++ code between g++ versions

Package: wnpp
Severity: wishlist

The new g++ 3.0 and libstdc++3 adhere more strictly to the C++ standard
than have previous versions of g++, and many of the extensions in g++
are now gone.  Consequently, there is a lot of C++ code that doesn't
compile with g++ 3.  Furthermore, some versions of g++ had bugs, missing
library features, and the like, and some incompatible extensions have
crept into g++ 3.

This is already causing a problem with the hppa port, which is lagging
on its build percentage because of its lack of a g++ 2.x (among other
reasons).  Furthermore, it could very easily cause a greater problem for
whichever Debian release chooses to abandon gcc versions less than 3.

Gxxcompat aims to help mitigate this problem.  It consists of a set of
autoconf macros and a library.  The autoconf macros detect the state of
various incompatibilities and extensions in g++ versions; the library
provides implementations of some of those extensions for versions that
don't have them.

Use of the library in source code should go something like this:

// Get your autoconf macros defined.
#include "config.h"

// Define what extensions this source file needs.

// Pull the extensions in.
#include <gxxcompat.h>

It's almost definitely incomplete, but the cases that are implemented
all work.  It's not going to get any more complete by me holding on to
it, so I intend to upload it and let people start using it.  A few small
bugs, some more documentation, and Debian packaging are all that remain
to finish before the first version can be uploaded.

If I get time, I'd like to write an autoconf-style analysis tool that
will do most of the heavy lifting for lazy maintainers and overworked
porters. :-)

I wrote the library, so I am both the upstream and Debian maintainer. 
The license is BSD-style (the changes amount to replacing the
UCB-specific bits with references to me).  It's not available yet; its
official "upstream" release will be its installation into unstable.

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