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Bug#120505: Bug#121106: RFA: sndconfig -- Easy soundcard configuration

retitle 121107 ITP: kudzu -- Redhat's hardware detection library
merge 120505 121107

Hi Noel!

> I'm working on kudzu (#120505) for the Live Linux Filesystem on CD
> "Knoppix" (http://www.knoppix.de/).

Ah, great. I just filed an RFP for kudzu, so merging it with your bug.

> My first version is on www.debianhq.de
> I have to fix some small problem on this version and then my sponsor
> will upload it (I'm in the NM queue).
> Maybe this will help you to build sndconfig.

Well, I am still RFA'ing sndconfig, so probably I won't build a new
package. But thanks for letting me know you're working on kudzu.

Kind regards,
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