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Bug#120309: ITP: sbuild -- Tool for building Debian binary packages from Debian sources


Junichi Uekawa wrote:
> pbuilder takes somewhat different approach in that it keeps 
> tar.gz of chroot images, and extracting it whenever a new build starts.
> This is advantageous in that it is possible to have the cleanest possible
> environment (in a way), and also allows for concurrent build process
> (for those people who are inpatient).

Ok.  The package has a script, checkroot, to see if the chroot
contents differ from a reference.  It won't, as sbuild is used
here, unless the user installs a package manually.

It's very cool having permanent chroots if you have the space.
You really have a totally separate install -- maybe stable
where you run unstable in base.  You can go into it and use
it as you would a normal install.

But I agree that sbuild and pbuilder take a different approach.

I'll plug away.  I expect to upload it in a couple days and fix
any chroot building quirks later.


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