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Bug#120705: ITP: prelink -- ELF prelinking utility to speedup dynamic linking

FYI, I have a package for this, but it's NOT ready for public consumption
yet (the prelink utility, not the package).  I was intending on ITP'ing it
since it goes hand-in-hand with the binutils support that I've enabled
recently, but if you really want to package it, be my guest.

I have to ask, though, how you're going to handle the invocation of
prelink, especially since it's worthless when new versions of libraries
and/or binaries are installed.  To really get this working ideally, it
should be called during packaging and possibly even during boot or via a
weekly cron job, but I hadn't worked out the wrinkles totally yet.

Let me know...perhaps we can co-maintain this since I really don't need
another package to manage, but since it's vital for whomever does to know
what's going on with binutils at any given time...


On Thu, 22 Nov 2001, Viral wrote:

> Package: wnpp
> Version: N/A; reported 2001-11-22
> Severity: wishlist
> * Package name    : prelink
>   Version         : 20011010
>   Upstream Author : Jakub Jelinek
> * URL             : ftp://people.redhat.com/jakub/prelink
> * License         : GPL
>   Description     : ELF prelinking utility to speedup dynamic linking
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