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Bug#120654: RFA: netsed -- The network packet altering stream editor

Package: wnpp
Severity: wishlist

NetSED is small and handful utility designed to alter the contents of
packets forwarded through your network in real time. It is really useful
for network hackers in following applications:

- black-box protocol auditing - whenever there are two or more
propertiary boxes communicating over undocumented protocol (by
enforcing changes in ongoing transmissions, you will be able to test
if tested application is secure),

- fuzz-alike experiments, integrity tests - whenever you want to test
stability of the application and see how it ensures data integrity,

- other common applications - fooling other people, content filtering,
etc etc - choose whatever you want to.

It perfectly fits ngrep, netcat and tcpdump tools suite

If no-one is willing to take it within a limited amount of time, I
will request its removal from the archive (I doubt anyone uses this
but me).

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