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Bug#120453: ITP: [EBOOK-DEV] KDE 2.0 Development

Package: wnpp
Severity: wishlist

 KDE 2.0 Development is a new Open Content book being published by
 SAMS/MacMillan Publishing and written by David Sweet and several
 talented, knowledgeable people from the KDE community:
 Kurt Granroth (also technical editor)
 Cristian Tibirna
 David Faure
 Espen Sand
 Stefan Westerfeld
 Ralf Nolden
 Daniel Marjamaki
 Charles Bar-Joseph
 The forward was written by KDE's founder, Matthias Ettrich.
 The book introduces the KDE project and basic KDE/Qt programming.
 Several basic topics are covered such as creating custom widgets,
 efficiently drawing windows, designing dialog boxes, and following the
 KDE Style Reference. Also, new KDE 2.0 technologies: DCOP (Desktop
 COmmunications Protocol), KParts (a component embedding system), and
 aRts (KDE multimedia) are explained -- and by some of the people who
 designed and implemented them.

 It was downloaded from http://www.andamooka.org/index.pl?section=kde20devel

 Copyright: OPL 1.0 - with no mention of options A/B, which should be
 considered applied. So my guess is that this ebook should be good for


Francesco P. Lovergine

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