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Bug#92220: Is it really needed to package the Contents-* files?

On Mon, 19 Nov 2001, Piotr Krukowiecki wrote:

> I agree that packaging Contents files is impractical. Too much
> disk/bandwith/man work usage.
> However i think that it would be good to have some package (let's call
> it grep-contents od maybe debian-contents) that would automatically
> connect to debian serwer, check if there is new wersion of Contents-*
> file(s) (main/non-US, architecture - it could be configurable) and
> download that new version.
> It would contain grep-contents program which (analogous to grep-dctrl)
> grep Contents files.
> It could be configured to run daily/weekly/on ppp-on

Sorry, but I don't think we need a package for something like adding a
cron job that does e.g. starts weekly wget to download the latest Contents

> > close this RFP (if you do always want the current Contents-* files you
> I would prefer to change rfp title, but not close it. What's wrong with
> open rfp?

We have currently over 100 open RFPs. If I find the time to complete it
I'd e.g. like to send a list of open RFPs to debian-devel - and I don't
want that the RFPs for programs that should be packaged to be hidden
behind such RFPs like this one.

I'd really like to close this RFP.



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