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Bug#120051: RFA: gnuserv -- Allows you to attach to an already running Emacs

Package: wnpp
Severity: normal

----- Forwarded message from "Eric Gillespie, Jr." <epg@pretzelnet.org> -----

Date: Sat, 17 Nov 2001 13:31:34 -0500
From: "Eric Gillespie, Jr." <epg@pretzelnet.org>
Resent-From: "Eric Gillespie, Jr." <epg@pretzelnet.org>
To: Rodrigo Bernardo Pimentel <rbp@isnomore.net>,
Cc: debian-emacsen@lists.debian.org
Subject: Bug#119927: gnuclient and emacs21?

merge 119927 116921

Rodrigo Bernardo Pimentel <rbp@isnomore.net> writes:

    >         I start "M-x gnuserv-start", and it seems to work
    > ("Loading gnuserv-compat...done" on the minibuffer). But
    > when I try "gnuclient file" on a different tty (either
    > different screen window ou another "real" tty), it exits
    > immediately and I get the following on the emacs window:

GNU Emacs cannot create frames on other ttys or displays.  If you
run GNU Emacs on a certain X display and run gnuclient on those
same displays, it works just fine.

I switched to XEmacs months ago because it is developed in the
open.  I was tired of using buggy FSF warez.  Since switching, i
have found that XEmacs is actually far superior.  GNU Emacs is
years behind.  Plus, if i submit a patch, no one will make me
sign copyright assignment papers.  I'm not interested in a flame
war, i'm just letting people know that i don't exactly care about
the gnuserv package anymore.

As you can see from my recent upload and my response to this bug
report, i'll continue to maintain it.  But if anyone else wants
to adopt it, be my guest.

BTW, i am not on debian-emacsen; the submitter pointed me to this

Eric Gillespie, Jr. <*> epg@pretzelnet.org

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