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Bug#119553: ITP: mknbi -- Create tagged images for Etherboot or Netboot

Package: wnpp


I want to package mknbi (or see your packaging and fix/leave) and upload
it to the debian testing (I can do it, since I'm a debian developer). If
we hurry enough, it will be included to the woody, since it is an easy
package (only perl scripts).

Please answer that mail as fast a you can, if you want me to package and
upload this great part of the etherboot. I think, that it can be a help
for people, since rom images can be created by rom-o-matic, and nbi
files will can be created by mknbi after an apt-get install mknbi.

It will be great, I think. So do you give your permission for me to
package this software?


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