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Bug#119405: ITP: fblogo -- converts tif to framebuffer-logo header file

On Tue, Nov 13, 2001 at 04:21:31PM +0100, Gordon Fraser wrote:

> Matt Zimmerman (mdz@debian.org) wrote:
> > 
> > It would be useful if fblogo would read PNM, rather than TIFF, as a
> > lowest common denominator format.  This would make it easy to convert
> > any image to the appropriate format with the help of netpbm.
> I have modified it to use ImageMagick's ImageRead-Function, now it can use
> any image format supported by ImageMagick - including pnm and tif.  (It
> used ImageMagick before too, but libtiff to read the image)


 - mdz

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