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Processed: Cleanups.

Processing commands for control@bugs.debian.org:

> retitle 111658 ITA: knapster2 -- Napster Client for KDE
Bug#111658: ITA : knapster2 -- Napster Client for KDE
Changed Bug title.

> retitle 68134 ITA: auto-pgp -- PGP tools for command-line and Emacs use
Bug#68134: ITA : auto-pgp -- PGP tools for command-line and Emacs use
Changed Bug title.

> retitle 117996 ITP: chrootuid -- Run a network service at low privilege level and with restricted file system access
Bug#117996: wnpp: ITP: chrootuid
Changed Bug title.

> retitle 117995 RFA: dvb -- Transmission of digital TV and Data over satellite transponders or cable connections
Bug#117995: RFA: dvb
Changed Bug title.

> retitle 117997 ITP: compartment -- A  tool for starting applications/services/daemons in a secure environment
Bug#117997: wnpp: ITP: compartment
Changed Bug title.

> retitle 118866 RFA: realplayer -- A streaming sound and video player
Bug#118866: RFA: realplayer
Changed Bug title.

> retitle 119118 ITP: xsmc-calc -- A smith cart calculator
Bug#119118: ITP: xsmc-calc
Changed Bug title.

> thanks
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