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Bug#118829: RFP: Garnet - Generating an Amalgam of Realtime, Novel Editors and Toolkit (for Lisp)

Package: wnpp
severity: wishlist

From Garet's homepage (http://www-2.cs.cmu.edu/Groups/garnet/garnet-home.html):

Garnet was developed by the User Interface Software Group in the Human Computer Interaction Institute in the School of Computer Science at Carnegie Mellon University. The primary research interest of the UISG is the development of tools to allow rapid development of graphical user interfaces.

Garnet is a user interface development environment for Common Lisp and X11 or Macintosh. It helps you create graphical, interactive user interfaces for your software.

They stopped to maintain Garnet since 1995 and, I guess, they would be most glad if someone want to take over the support (they invited people to contact garnet@cs.cmu.edu for that).

The licence is not clearly stated on the homepage. I think it's said to be in the public domain somewhere in its doc. More knowledgeable people can correct me if I'm wrong.

Unofficial patches since Garnet 3.0 release have been collected and can be found at ftp://ftp.csl.sri.com/pub/users/gilham/garnet/ .

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