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Bug#108942: The saga of cyrus2-imapd continues

>>>>> "David" == David D Kilzer <ddkilzer@theracingworld.com> writes:

    David> I finally got cyrus2-imapd to authenticate an account, but
    David> I had to use "sasldb" instead of "PAM" for
    David> "sasl_pwcheck_method" in /etc/imapd.conf.

    David> It appears that until PAM-0.74 is available in "unstable",
    David> cyrus2-imapd won't be able to authenticate using it.  I
    David> thought about filing a "new upstream version" bug against
    David> libpam0g, but I know there has been some discussion about
    David> how to handle new versions of PAM in Debian.  I just can't
    David> seem to find the correct mailing list archive or web page
    David> that describes this.

Disbelieve.  It can be handled the same way as cyrus 1.x.

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