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Bug#118427: TP: epo -- Miner mode to reduce the labour to edit code

Aaron Lehmann wrote:

> Is it even legal for elisp code to have a GPL-incompatible license?
> Any elisp code uses the emacs builtin functions extensively. These are
> protected by the GPL. The concept of linking gets very blurry here,
> too.

Good question.  I never thought of that.  Most lines of elisp
code are calls to Emacs functions or builtin which have to be
loaded.   You can't use the elisp code independently of Emacs.
You could look at Emacs' elisp files as libraries that happened
to be GPL'ed and not LGPL'ed.

Raul, why are you so quick to dismiss this?  You state it like it
was a matter of fact.  Is this documented anywhere?


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