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Bug#118427: TP: epo -- Miner mode to reduce the labour to edit code

Package: wnpp
Severity: wishlist

* Package name    : epo
  Version         : 1.3
  Upstream Authors: HIROSE Yuuji <yuuji@yatex.org>
* URL             : http://www.yatex.org/epo/
* License         : see below
  Description     : Miner mode to reduce the labour to edit code


The original license is Japanese.  I translated it. It was confirmed by 

-- begin of license --

Copyright 2000 HIROSE Yuuji

This software is copyrighted by HIROSE Yuuji [yuuji@yatex.org] who is
original author of epo. The author is not responsible for the consequences 
of use of this software, no matter how awful, even if they arise from flaws 
in it.

You can use this software with no-fee. You can redistribute unmodified
package (which is available at http://www.yatex.org/epo/) freely.

Basically, you can modify this software freely. For personal use or
redistribute to acquaintance, you can modify freely. The other case,
redistribution source and binary with modifcation are permitted
provided that the following conditions:

   * you modify about OS specific install path and redistribute epo as
     part of operating system.

   * you notice modification and you are allowed redistribution by

   * add excessive function and you distribute epo as different
     package name.

   * distribute only a patch which is depend on person's taste.

   * distribute elisp file which define language information to edit 
     for epo.

Even if you are qualified above any conditions, don't remove original
copyright which is written in this package. And you must write a log
where you modify in code.

-- end of license --

Above license closes DFSG. But it restricts redistributing modified code. 
Therefore epo should go to non-free section.
Takashi Okamoto

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