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Bug#118150: ITP: ezpublish -- CMS for e-commerce, e-publishing and intranets

Package: wnpp
Severity: wishlist
X-Debbugs-CC: debian-devel@lists.debian.org


 eZ publish is a web based application suite. It delivers functionality
ranging from publishing of news, web logs and diaries, through web shop
functionality like shopping carts and wishlists and forums to intranet
functions like contact handling and bug reporting.

 The software uses caching and other optimization techniques to speed up
page serving. It handles users, user preferences and user tracking through
a user database and both cookie-based and non-cookie sessions.

 It supports statistics for page views, links followed and banner ads,
both images and HTML with presentation logic.

 The package lends itself easily to customization, from changing the look
and feel by changing templates, localizing the languages and other
internationalization issues to adding new functionality.

 The target audience for eZ publish are e-commerce, ASP (Application
Service Providers), BSP (Business Service Providers), news publishing,
intranets, bug reporting, content management, discussion boards, FAQ and
knowledge handling, file and image management, group ware, calendaring,
polls, todo lists, appointments as well as personal web sites.

It was downloaded from http://developer.ez.no/

Upstream Author(s):

    Bård Farstad (bf@ez.no)
    Christoffer Elo (ce@ez.no)
    Jan Borsodi (amos@ez.no)
    Gunnstein Lye (gl@ez.no)
    Vidar Langseid (vl@ez.no)
    Frederik Holljen (fh@ez.no)
    Jakob Vad Nielsen (jakob@gemino.no)
    Wojciech Potaczek (wp@nss.pl)
    Jo Henrik Endrerud (jhe@ez.no)
    Lars Wilhelmsen

    (for the rest look at /usr/share/doc/ezpublish/CREDITS)

Copyright: GPLv2

 - Jonas

Jonas Smedegaard (+45 40843136)          http://dr.jones.dk/~jonas/
Spiff ApS (= IT-guide dr. Jones ApS)     http://dr.jones.dk/
Debian GNU/Linux developer               http://people.debian.org/~js/

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