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Bug#117977: ITP: signing-party

On 02/11/01, Simon Richter wrote:
> I'm at a conference ATM, and I'm going to introduce a few people to the
> concepts of key signing tomorrow. For this, I've hacked a few scripts, for
> example one that makes a PS file which looks like "gpg --list-keys" output

Hm, you are aware about a script called ring-a-party that is included in
the GnuPG source and that creates a nice list of a keyring for signing? 

> (except with a nicer font), which I'd like to package so people can use
> them for their own signing parties. Version 0.1-1 will only be these two

What does the other script do? You only described one of them.

> scripts, for 0.2-1 I'm also planning exhaustive documentation (HOWTO
> signing-party, HOWTO explain the concept).

signing-party? Do you really think that his name is very obvious and a
good choice? I don't think so and would suggest to use some other name.

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