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Bug#113678: ITP: libgpio -- Gphoto I/O library

Package: wnpp
Severity: wishlist

URL: http://sourceforge.net/projects/gphoto

libgpio is the GPhoto I/O library.  It's intent is to allow for an
abstraction layer for device communications (USB, serial, soon-to-be IEEE
1394, etc).  It's currently needed for Kamera support (gphoto2 frontend
for KDE).  It will need to be pulled from CVS for the time being and docs
are sparse, unfortunately.

Here's an excerpt from the libgpio manual:

      The benefit to using this library would be that all communications
      can be done quickly and without worry for device specific
      functions; all devices are abstracted to a point, allowing you to
      read/write to a device using the same interface. For example, you
      can set all the options on the serial port easily, and then
      read/write to that device. Additionally, you could easily switch
      over to a USB device, and read/write without having to learn the USB

License is GPL.

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