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Bug#113238: ITP: mplayer -- Movie player for Linux

Package: wnpp
Severity: wishlist

http://www.mplayerhq.hu/. Software is GPLed.
MPlayer is a movie player for LINUX (though it runs on most Unices, and even on non-x86 architectures).
 It plays most MPEG, AVI and ASF files, supported by many native and win32 DLL codecs. You can
 watch VCD, DVD and DivX movies too. The another big feature of mplayer is the wide range of
 supported output drivers. It works with X11, Xv, DGA, OpenGL, SVGAlib, fbdev, GGI, AAlib, but you
 can use SDL (and this way all drivers of SDL), same goes for GGI,
 and some lowlevel card-specific drivers (for Matrox/3dfx/SiS) too.
 Most  of them supports software or hardware scaling, so you can enjoy movies in fullscreen.
  Mplayer has nice big antialiased shaded subtitles (7 supported types!!!) with
  hungarian, english, cyrillic, czech, korean fonts, and OSD.

  regards, Eyck

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