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Bug#113118: ITP: srm -- a secure replacement for rm(1)

> How does it differ from `wipe'?

How about secure delete? It, AFAIK, is NOT packaged. The freshmeat page is
here: http://freshmeat.net/projects/securedelete/

It also has a file called srm with the same functionality and it also has
smem, sfill, and sswap tools (with predictabe funcationality). I could not
find a license in my quick one through.

It's slow but I've used it and been pretty happy with it so far.

It's pretty crazy and the readme claims it does:

      1x overwrite with 0xff
      5x random passes
     28x overwriting with special values to make the recovery from MFM and
         RLL encoded harddisks hard/impossible - see Gutmann's paper on that
         which is also included.
      5x random passes
I've considered packaging this several times and may want to get around to
it eventually.

Mako Hill

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