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Bug#112746: ITP: fv -- a Tcl/Tk tool for viewing and editing FITS format files

Dear Sebastian,

> Could you please call the Debian package fitsview or something like
> that?  It prevents namespace pollution and is much more obvious.

I feel that if a package provides essentially one program, it should
carry its name.  The tool fv is part of the FTOOLS package from
HEASARC, and hence is sufficiently well-known among its user-base in
the astronomy community.  The authors actually provide binary packages
for a number of platforms, and users expect to find this tool under
the name fv.  Renaming the program would create major confusion, as
would choosing a different name for the package.

If people need something obvious, they can always read the tagline and
description, which contain the keywords FITS and view.

Regards, Jens.

J'qbpbe, le m'en fquz pe j'qbpbe!
Le veux aimeb et mqubib panz je pézqbpbe je djuz tqtaj!

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