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Bug#112736: ITP: btools -- miscellaneous Java utility classes

Package: wnpp
Severity: wishlist

I intend to package BTools.

Package: btools
License: GPL
URL: http://btools.sourceforge.net/, though this is out of date and there
will be significant changes for the 1.1 release which is what will
actually be packaged for debian (I'm the upstream author).

The primary reason for packaging btools is that I plan to package a
mathematics application that requires the btools classes.

BTools is simply a collection of Java utility classes that I have found
useful. Everything can be used with JDK 1.1 and upwards (a JDK less than
1.2 will require the swing (JFC) classes also). Highlights include:

- A console GUI component used to communicate with modules that perform
text line-by-line processing;
- An option set designed to handle various types of options other than
- Dialogs for displaying long message boxes, collecting user input and
selecting a look-and-feel;
- Filename filters, screen positioning utilities, specialised document
classes and so on.
- A collection of standard images and licenses and tools for referencing

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