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Bug#112556: ITP: freenet6 -- Client to configure an IPv6 tunnel to freenet6

Package: wnpp
Severity: wishlist

Description: Client to configure an IPv6 tunnel to freenet6
 Providing tspc, a Tunnel Server Protocol Client, this Package allows
 an easy way to connect the machine to the 6bone.
 Configured tunneling is a transition method standardized by IETF to use IPv6 in
 coexistence with IPv4 by encapsulating IPv6 packets over IPv4. Any host already
 connected to Internet with IPv4 which has an IPv6 stack can establish a link
 to the Internet IPv6.
 FREENET6's TSP is a new model based on a client/server approach. A protocol is
 used to request a single IPv6 address to a full IPv6 prefix from a client to a
 tunnel server according to the IPv6 broker model.

It was downloaded from http://www.freenet6.net/download.shtml

Upstream Author: Viagénie Inc.

Copyright (c) 2001 Viagénie Inc.
It may be licensed under the Viagénie Public License, see
the file LEGAL for details.

the VPL can be downloaded at http://www.freenet6.net/VPL
the only problem i found, is that it requires to keep the source code
available for 12 months (6 months if a newer version is available),
requiring me to keep the source packages available, even after they
got obsoleted by newer versions

expect the packages to be available on people.debian.org/~tali and sid soon.

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