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Bug#86125: status of squirrelmail package

Lenart Janos writes:
This has become a bit of a mess.

I passed this on to sam johnston samj@samj.net several months ago who
was going to package it.  I ran in to troubles as i'm blind and i use
emacs w3 as my browser.  the squirrelmail folks changed something in
the way the authentication works in the later versions which has made
it very difficult to test and debug squirrelmail for me.

I am remiss in not having updated the bts with the fact i've passed it on.

More than willing to give this away if someone wants to pick it up
seeing sam has done nothing about it..

i've got a mostly finished package but haven't been able to test it
very much.  > Hi!

Are you putting your hand up??


 > On Wed, Sep 12, 2001 at 10:40:02AM +1000, bart bunting wrote:
 > > you were looking for me?
 > Yep. I would like to know if you still uphold the following ITP, becouse
 > others also wanted to package it, and you haven't replied to them:
 > * #86125: ITP: squirrelmail -- another php webmail client
 >   Package: wnpp;
 >   Severity: wishlist;
 >   Reported by: Bart Bunting <bart@debian.org>;
 >   208 days old.
 > So just a mail about your intention whether you still want to package it
 > or not would be nice.
 > Thanks,
 > -- 
 > Lenart, Janos
 > <ocsi@debian.org>

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