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Bug#109823: ITP: docbook-book -- html version of O'Reilly docbook book by Normal Walsh and Leonard Mueller (fwd)


Britton <fsblk@aurora.uaf.edu> writes:

> I guess the stuff in your docbook-doc package is a somewhat obsolete
> version of the stuff i nthe O'Reilly book I'm in the process of packaging.
> If you would like I could take over maintenance of the docbook-doc package
> (though I'd rather not), or I could modify your version and send you the
> changes.
> If you like the latter option and are not actively making changes right
> now and could mail me your latest working version, I could make the
> appropriate additions..

Last time I checked the copyright of the updated docbook-doc source it
was pretty non-free. Therefor I haven't updated the package because
I've thought that outdated free documentation is better than nothing.

But perhaps the licence has changed again. Then feel free to take over
the package and upload the new stuff.


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