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Bug#101965: Ming Debian Package

> I've been preparing a ming Debian Package and just found your ITP.
> Do you mind if i send my packages to Debian and close "your" bug?
> Or do you want to package it yourself?

> My package is from current cvs (2001-08-25) and does have packages for
> C/C++, PHP and Python2.0; Java, Perl and Ruby currently do not compile.

I have been waiting to release ming until a final determination is made
about what version of python will be in woody; but if you have a package
made up already feel free to upload it. My package only has C/C++ and
Python bindings, so you are one binding ahead of me.

Harry Henry Gebel
West Dover Hundred, Delaware
GPG encrypted email gladly accepted. Key ID: B853FFFE
Fingerprint: 15A6 F58D AEED 5680 B41A  61FE 5A5F BB51 B853 FFFE

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