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Bug#104440: RFA: agt -- short description

Package: wnpp
Severity: wishlist

11:10PM|> StevenK: here, would you like to take agt? it's yours, free.
11:11PM|<StevenK> Heh, why?
11:12PM|> StevenK: Honestly, I don't use it any more.
11:12PM|> If you don't take it, I'm filing an RFA.
11:12PM|* StevenK wonders if he could take that as a threat. ;-)
11:13PM|> "Don't make me use the BTS, man! I'll do it!"
11:13PM|<StevenK> Looks like something I could use
11:14PM|> StevenK: It's yours. And no giving it back, either.
11:14PM|<StevenK> DanielS: Orphan it, and I'll pick it up.
11:14PM|> StevenK: bah.
11:16PM|<StevenK> Is there umpteen bugs against or something? :-)
11:16PM|> nope, no open bugs
11:16PM|> it's a perfectly good package, good packaging, just that I don't use it anymore

Gar, formalities.

Daniel Stone						     <daniel@sfarc.net>
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