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Bug#1033733: vkd3d: new upstream release 1.11


I'm a vkd3d upstream developer. Unfortunately I haven't had a lot of time for Debian for a few years, but I'm happy to help here if needed.

Il 28/05/24 19:36, Simon McVittie ha scritto:
Since then there have been several more upstream releases and it is
currently at v1.11.

And now v1.12, just yesterday.

I need .deb packages of this version for a work project, so I've been
looking at updating the packaging used for Debian as a starting point
for that

Please consider merging this:

Updated version at:

     https://salsa.debian.org/smcv-guest/vkd3d wip/1.11

Once again I used `uscan --download` to get the orig.tar.* I used for

debian/patches/fixes/byte-comparison.patch no longer applies; I dropped
it for now (and the package builds successfully in my environment), but
if it's still necessary for other build environments, it will need some
adjustment. It would be ideal if this issue could be reported upstream
and fixed there.

compare_uint() and compare_color() are now in tests/utils.h. I don't really understand in which cases that patch is supposed to help, but it's true that vkd3d assumes every now and then that the architecture is one of i386, amd64, arm or arm64 (i.e., the architectures meaningful for Windows). So it's totally possible that a little endian assumption has trickled in somewhere, though it's not immediately clear to me how endianness should break something here.

For the failing tests, as you might already have noticed, most vkd3d developers use AMD GPUs. I'm slowly trying to clean up the tests on llvmpipe, Intel and NVIDIA GPUs (and also more exotic Vulkan implementations, like MoltenVK and mobile GPUs), but that tends to be relatively low priority.


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