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Bug#1031649: wine: /usr/bin/wine64 still required

On 19.02.23 21:45, Floris Renaud wrote:
Isn't this a bug in winetricks? When Wine is compiled the new way (--enable-archs=i386,x86_64), there isn't, as far as I know, a wine64 file.

From https://github.com/Winetricks/winetricks/blob/master/src/winetricks#L3113

# Wrapper around winetricks_early_wine()
# Same idea, but use $WINE_ARCH, i.e., always use wine64 for 64-bit prefixes
# Currently only used by w_expand_env()
     WINE="${WINE_ARCH}" winetricks_early_wine "$@"

I see, thanks. Well, then it should probably be changed in winetricks for this new Wine build.

But still, this change (prompted by a similar issue in a non-default Wine installation) breaks previously working setups in default installations. I didn't think of that when originally mentioning this as a solution, but now I think changing this now shortly before a Debian release is not good.


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