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Bug#1029536: wine64-stable ENOENT

On 07.02.23 14:22, Bernhard Übelacker wrote:
Dear Maintainer,
if one creates this wine64-stable just as a link to wine64,
then `wine64-stable wineboot` would start to work.

# ln -s wine64 /usr/lib/wine/wine64-stable

Kind regards,

692         execv( argv[1], argv + 1 );
(rr) print argv[1]
$2 = 0x7e848400 "/usr/lib/wine/wine64-stable"
(rr) shell ls -lisah /usr/lib/wine/wine64-stable
ls: cannot access '/usr/lib/wine/wine64-stable': No such file or directory
(rr) bt
#0  preloader_exec (argv=argv@entry=0x7e8483d0) at dlls/ntdll/unix/loader.c:692 #1  0x00007f5e1d159a6b in loader_exec (machine=34404, argv=0x7e8483d0) at dlls/ntdll/unix/loader.c:716 #2  __wine_main (argc=<optimized out>, argv=0x7ffd65438648, envp=0x7ffd65438660) at dlls/ntdll/unix/loader.c:2416
#3  0x000000007d001254 in main ()

$ ls -lisah /usr/bin/wine64-stable /usr/bin/wine64 /usr/lib/wine/wine64-stable /usr/lib/wine/wine64
ls: cannot access '/usr/lib/wine/wine64-stable': No such file or directory
674145   0 lrwxrwxrwx 1 root root  24 Jan 27 02:36 /usr/bin/wine64 -> /etc/alternatives/wine64 673301   0 lrwxrwxrwx 1 root root  18 Jan 27 02:36 /usr/bin/wine64-stable -> ../lib/wine/wine64
673289 16K -rwxr-xr-x 1 root root 15K Jan 27 02:36 /usr/lib/wine/wine64

[Ex-maintainer here]

The -stable suffix was added for the Debian alternatives system. While I don't expect an issue with adding an /usr/lib/wine/wine64-stable link, I wonder if the whole issue is really a bug (still probably a regression, which I can't comment on since I'm not involved in current packaging) or wrong usage.

I don't know what you want to do exactly, but generally I (and afaik upstream) recommend to just call "wine", not "wine64". This will default to 64-bit anyway (supporting also 32-bit if "wine32" is installed).

To force 64 bit you may set "WINEARCH=win64".

To create a new wineprefix just issue "WINEARCH=win64 wineboot" (without "wine" or "wine64" in front).

Of course you need the "wine" package to be installed, which basically just contains the relevant wrappers and links. I see no reason to not install this recommended package. Comments welcome!

Without "wine" installed you may use
$ /usr/lib/wine/wine64 wineboot

If you install "wine64" and "wine", but not "wine32", you'll get a non-critical warning on STDERR:
it looks like wine32 is missing, you should install it.
as root, please execute "apt-get install wine32:i386"
You can disable this (and some Wine output by something like this:
$ WINEDEBUG="-all" wineboot

So I suggest:

docker run -it docker.io/debian:testing-slim
# apt update && apt install wine
# wineboot


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