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Re: Bullseye plans for wine

> Well, it would be nice if it were that simple ;)
> But to be able to ship WINE 6.0 with Debian Bullseye, it would have needed to be included in Sid some time ago already. There simply is not enough time to include WINE 6.0 and check it integrates well with Buster with no side-effect, and still have it ready for release time.
> But I’m quite sure there will be backports for Bullseye once WINE 6.0 reaches Bookworm.
> I’m no Debian dev, feel free to point out any mistake in what I write.

libfaudio has backported to buster-backports, and I also manually `sbuild` wine-5.0 to buster with little backports package dependencies, it would be nice if maintainers make efforts to let wine-5.0 to buster-backports first.

Just a suggestion, and still thanks for packaging :)

If making related new bug report are required, please let me know, thx.


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