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New uploads (was: Processing of wine-development_4.8-1_source.changes)

Hi everyone

On 16.08.19 01:43, Debian FTP Masters wrote:
> wine-development_4.8-1_source.changes uploaded successfully to localhost

Does anyone know what happened with this upload?  It was not accepted,
but I also haven't seen any reject or whatever.  It's also not in git.
Is Mike still around?  I hope you're well.

In the meantime I uploaded a new wine version.  There I changed back to
not error out on compiler warnings.

For wine-development I'm not sure what the plan is with the ongoing work
for fixing these warnings.  While preparing src:wine I noticed that some
of the patches don't apply to the current winehq version anymore
(sometimes they seem to have been fixed in another way, sometimes there
seems to be an incompatible change).

IMO it's a waste of time to spend time on code that upstream already has
changed.  We should first get to the current version.  If build failures
because of warnings delay this, I suggest to also build
src:wine-development with Wno-error for now.  I also see no need for
waiting for a testing migration before uploading the next version.

Then our patches should all be sent upstream if they are real fixes.
I'd be happy to help submitting them, once we've catched up.
Unfortunately I'm not totally confident in telling for some patches if
they are ready yet, or "only" a works-for-us.  So feedback on this would

Greets and all the best

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