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[pkg-wine-party] Bug#863357: 'winetricks allfonts' fails on Baekmuk

Package: winetricks
Version: 0.0+20141009+svn1208-2

The font package ttf-baekmuk has been renamed to fonts-baekmuk in Debian, but winetricks still has it listed as the former. As such, it can't download it and fails when trying to execute 'winetricks allfonts'. The included diff patch fixes it.

<     w_download http://ftp.debian.org/debian/pool/main/t/ttf-baekmuk/ttf-baekmuk_2.2.orig.tar.gz afdee34f700007de6ea87b43c92a88b7385ba65b
>     w_download http://ftp.debian.org/debian/pool/main/f/fonts-baekmuk/fonts-baekmuk_2.2.orig.tar.gz afdee34f700007de6ea87b43c92a88b7385ba65b
<     gunzip -dc "$W_CACHE/baekmuk/ttf-baekmuk_2.2.orig.tar.gz" | tar -xf -
>     gunzip -dc "$W_CACHE/baekmuk/fonts-baekmuk_2.2.orig.tar.gz" | tar -xf -

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