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[pkg-wine-party] RFS and issues with versioned dependencies, Re: [wine] 02/02: Update changelog for 1.7.50-3~bpo8+1 release


I've tested my commits to the backports branch.

[As already written in the backport request -done message:]
I noted that the upgrade of wine-development from jessie to
jessie-backports may need some manual intervention to update the whole
set of packages, because backports has the apt pin priority 100.
Once the jessie-backports packages are installed, update works
flawlessly. So since this already affects the current version in
jessie-backports I think we should go on with uploading newer versions.

Besides that I'm happy with the new packages and would like to ask
Stephen for the next upload. Thanks in advance!

I'm currently working on refactoring the versioned depends in d/control
to improve this and will commit this to master after extensive testing.


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