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[pkg-wine-party] Bug#793879: Failed to connect to the mount manager in win64

On 07/31/2015 03:44 PM, Eric Christensen wrote:
> Versions of packages wine depends on:                                                                                                
> ii  file    1:5.22+15-2                                                                                                              
> ii  wine32  1.6.2-20                                                                                                                 

You are missing the package wine64. Although it is not needed if you use
only 32-bit applications, you normally should install it.

> $ ls -l /usr/bin/wine32 /usr/bin/wine64
> ls: cannot access /usr/bin/wine64: No such file or directory
> lrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 37 Feb 23 01:40 /usr/bin/wine32 -> ../lib/i386-linux-
> gnu/wine/bin/wine32
> $ ls -l --dereference /usr/bin/wine32 /usr/bin/wine64
> ls: cannot access /usr/bin/wine32: No such file or directory
> ls: cannot access /usr/bin/wine64: No such file or directory
> [...]
> $ WINEARCH=win32 WINEDEBUG="fixme+all,err+all"
> WINEPREFIX="$HOME/.wine" wine amhc34062b.exe
> error: unable to find wine executable.  this shouldn't happen.

I totally agree with that message.
Although the link (/usr/bin/wine32) exists, you are missing its target
/usr/lib/i386-linux-gnu/wine/bin/wine32 (or .../wine), which is
essential. All these are part of the package "wine32" which seems to be
installed correctly. So ... No idea how you could end up with the
package wine32 being installed, but it's content not being there. Check
your disk if it is full/damaged/whatever. If you see errors during
package installation don't ignore them.  Have you done any special
configuration or are you using a non-default filesystem?

When you wrote the first post, wine32 was still installed really correctly.

Make a clean reinstall. First remove all wine packages (please post the
output) (one line):

$ sudo apt-get purge wine wine-binfmt wine32 wine64 wine32-dev-tools
wine32-tools wine64-dev-tools wine64-tools fonts-wine libwine-dev
libwine-dbg libwine libwine:i386 wine-bin wine64-bin libwine-alsa
libwine-bin libwine-capi libwine-cms libwine-gl libwine-gphoto2
libwine-ldap libwine-openal libwine-oss libwine-print libwine-sane

Then reinstall the needed packages (again please post the output):

$ sudo apt-get install wine wine32 wine64 libwine libwine:i386

Then repeat all steps from my last mail.

> So it appears that it's not creating ~/.wine any more.  :/

Worse, "it" doesn't exist although we are told that it is installed


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